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Sustainable Vegetation Management & Forestry Mulching Solutions

For over 25 years, Parrish & Son has been expertly delivering vegetation mangement solutions to our clients. Our comprehensive range of vegetation management services includes the use of forestry mulching mowers (also known as forestry mulchers), tree shears, and log grabs which enable safe and efficient relocation of logs. Let us help you transform your land with our trusted expertise.

Land clearing contractor using a machine to move trees and branches from a paddock.

Reclaim Your Land with Parrish & Son's Advanced Machinery

Empower your land management endeavors with Parrish & Son's advanced machinery. Whether you're seeking to effectively control invasive weeds or brush, or restore a region to its original terrain, our cutting-edge equipment is designed to meet your specific needs. Enlist Parrish & Son to enhance the potential of your land.

Latest Technologically Advanced Machinery & Equipment

Our Fleet

Parrish & Son is proud to present our diverse and state-of-the-art fleet, designed to manage all aspects of vegetation management. Ranging from the agile Takeuchi TL12, perfect for tackling roadside vegetation and under scrubbing woody weeds in regeneration areas, to our Fecon 600, a powerhouse capable of mass clearing even in challenging terrains. Our machinery uniquely blends technology and environmental care, ensuring efficient results with minimal soil disturbance, thereby increasing carbon soil levels up to 50%. Our fleet specifically caters to multiple needs, offering solutions for vegetation management, land clearing, bush fire mitigation, orchard removal, scrub clearance, and more.

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Sustainable Vegetation Management Solutions with Successful Outcomes

Our Services

At Parrish & Son, we’re committed to delivering best-in-class vegetation management services to meet every conceivable need. Our wide-ranging services include comprehensive Woody Weed vegetation management, land clearing, diligent bush fire mitigation practices, and specialised scrub clearance, among others. With a keen emphasis on sustainability and minimal environmental disruption, our tailor-made solutions ensure not just efficient completion of tasks, but also the conservation of the natural setting around the work area.

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Industry Accredited Safety and Compliance Systems

Our Safety

At Parrish & Son, we take safety and compliance very seriously. We hold accreditations in Management Systems for AS/NZS45001 OH&S, ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, and ISO14001:2015 Environment Management System. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding these stringent industry standards is evident in all aspects of our work, ensuring that both our team and our clients are consistently protected.

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Embracing Innovative Vegetation Management with Parrish & Son

Our sustainable methods, developed through research, effectively eliminate unwanted vegetation with minimal environmental impact. Our approach is highly regarded by bush regeneration professionals and local government departments.

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Parrish & Son excel in utilising cutting-edge technology for Vegetation Management and noxious weed removal, including African Olive, Privet, Lantana, and Gleditsia.

About Us

Enhancing Land Management with Parrish & Son

Parrish & Son holds a celebrated reputation in collaborating with industry leaders, ranging from Councils and Civil Contractors to Land Developers and Rural Land Holders. Our impactful vegetation management services have successfully benefitted bush land and riparian zones, contributing significantly to new land developments, sub-divisions, and fire control methods.