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Parrish and Son specialise in the large scale removal of noxious weeds like African Olive, Box Thorn, Lantana etc. We have researched the latest technology and have the latest mechanical mulchers that can take on any size job. Whether it be in a gully or on a mountain.
We have over a decades experience in providing our professional services, and are always looking to update the traditional methods with more environmentally sustainable ones.
  • Removal of under scrub allows sunlight into the understory enabling grass to grow.
  • Improves the productivity of your land.
  • Removal of under scrub can also improve access to waterways for stock.
  • Unblocking waterways that may have become stagnant will improve habitat and water sources for wildlife.
  • Improves soil conservation and carbon levels in the soil.
  • Assists in erosion control
  • Provides nutrients to the soil.
  • Has minimal impact on the soil and the surrounding environment
  • Improves the value of your land and makes it more attractive for prospective purchases
  • No permit required to remove woody weeds
  • Doesn’t depend on the weather, we work in drought, wind and rain.
  • Less damage to you land and a faster recovery time for your land

We provide services for….

Civil contractors – Land clearing services for new subdivisions, clearing and grubbing of new infrastructure like roads, and train lines.

Rural landowners – Underscrubbing and removing woody weeds like African Olive, Privet, Lantana, & Box thorn improves the productivity of your land. It also reduces the habitat of feral animals like Foxes, Pigs, Rabbits and Deer.

Local councils – Projects and land management services including bush regeneration, mulching and related projects and operations