Takeuchi tracked loader with mulch attachment
The Takeuchi TL12 is the smallest mulcher in our fleet. It’s rubber tracks make it great for light clearing on road side verges. It’s manoeuvrability makes it brilliant for under scrubbing woody weeds like lantana, african olive and privet from bush regeneration areas.
MACHINERY – What makes our machines different?

  •  We have researched the latest technologies in land clearing. Our machines work in the toughest conditions Making light work of difficult and hard to reach areas that require the removal of unwanted vegetation
  • Cheaper and more environmentally acceptable than more traditional clearing methods
  • Our Forestry mulchers provide an alternative to burning and dozing, provide primary weed removal and reduce the amount on pesticides required around riparian zones.
  • Our machines convert trees into mulch instantly at a range of different consistences, which is left behind to provide nutrients and moisture to the soil starting the regeneration process and providing erosion control
  • Create minimal disturbance to the top soil, and increase the carbon soil levels by up to 50%
Fecon 600 forestry mulcher
The Fecon 600 is our largest tracked mulcher. With 600hp it is a high volume forestry mulcher and is ideal for mass clearing. Capable of climbing difficult terrain of up to 45 degrees. The Fecon 600 offers quick and cost effective vegetation management.
Timber Pro Tree Shedder

The Timber Pro TL725B is ideal for difficult and hard to reach areas that require vegetation control. Particularly useful in waterways, and rocky outcrops. It automatically self levels when on steep terrain, for operator safety and comfort.

Ideal For:

  • Vegetation management (removal of noxious weeds).
  •  Mass Land Clearing (sub-division, land development)
  •  Bush fire mitigation (Hazard reduction, fire trails, fire breaks) 10/50 Bush fire Hazard Reduction
  •  Removal of Orchards, Vineyards & Olive groves
  •  Scrub clearance, under scrubbing
  •  Clearance of scrub on Roadside verges
  •  Selective tree removal for bush & riparian regeneration
  •  Tree removal for creating access trails & bush tracks
Fecon 600 forestry mulcher

The Prentice 2740 articulated wheeled forestry mulcher. Ideal for mass clearing and site preparation work.

Komatsu with grabs
Fecon 128 Tracked Mulch
Fecon 128 All Terrain Slasher
Fecon Tree shears tracked mulcher