Parrish and Son Pty. Ltd. are an Australian company which provide a comprehensive range of professional best practice rural land management in Australia. Parrish and Son also have well-proven record of achievement in equestrian services both in Australia and internationally.

We provide services for:

  • Rural landowners - Large scale land management services and related land management
  • Rural landowners - Full range of land management services for agricultural businesses
  • Local councils- Projects and land management services including bush regeneration, mulching and related projects and operations
  • Equestrian industry - Equestrian course design and construction, stable construction and related facilities including fencing and land management service

Integrated services

Our services are multi-faceted and tailored to meet client needs. Our land management and equestrian services are geared to deal with multiple client property issues systematically, ensuring business-friendly solutions to match operational needs.

Contact us

Please contact us for a free quote and consultation 0412 448 215